October 15, 2020 - April 15, 2021

Fall Round
29 Events
Choose 4!
Spring Round
30 Events
Choose 6!

Junior Category:
9-12 years old

Senior Category:
13-18 years old

It's simple!

Any project
of an intellectual kind Discover!
of an emotional kind Feel!
of a physical kind Act!

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list of Events
and their


You feel like you want to try participating - hurry up, we receive applications for the Spring Round until March 1st!

You feel worried that you cannot win? - Try your best, and you will learn and grow!

You feel excited! - Us too! Let’s do this together!


UnConventional Tea Party with Seniors

Spring Round. Olympic Lifehacks


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So, you know that your school is participating?
That means it is paying your entry fee!
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and we will get in touch!

Sorry, registration closed. We will see you at the RSC 2022!

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