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Dear colleagues,

We are happy to invite you to our traditional Fall Educators Convention!

The main theme this year is «Salt and Light,» inspired by Matthew 5:13-16. We will discuss how to «be the salt of the earth and the light of the world» during the Convention under the title «School 3D: Decide, Develop, Do». This Convention is dedicated to innovative teaching methods and the development of the educational process.

We have gathered the best experts in the field of education who will share their experience and knowledge on creating a dynamic and effective learning environment.

Key conference topics include:
• Specifics of working with intellectually gifted children
• Application of technology in the educational process
• Personal branding for educators
• Why should a teacher have a blog?
• Individualization of education: methods and approaches

We believe that the teacher is the key to successful education and we want to support you in your pursuit of professional growth.

We look forward to see you on November 1-2, 2023!

Please register on our website — https://events.schooloftomorrow.center/convention


First of September! Beginning of a new academic year!
We congratulate everyone involved in this event and wish fruitful studies for the children,
and quality lessons for the teachers!
Be blessed!
You can see how this joyful day went at ISOT here



— “Mrs. Helen, do you know there’s a story about lost conscience? Can we maybe use it for the One Act Play?
— “I haven’t heard of it, but if you can write a script, we may try to stage it.”
This is how the official preparation for the convention began for me. Unofficial preparation began back in November, with sketches of paintings, and panicky thoughts about the lack of inspiration for writing.
So, the official training began in January with uncertainty about the next day, in the sense that half of those who agreed to participate were not yet sure that they would go. Luckily, many of my friends who are graduating this year did get a chance to come (it’s scary to think that the next convention will be my last).
— “I knew that many would not arrive by 13:30, you see, I thought of everything.”
The first day of the convention, we are just going to the school to take the bus that will take us to the venue. This convention began with amazement at the finished paintings, the people who arrived on time, and the size of the suitcases.
The first day was the laziest, and to some extent was a lesson to us. In addition to finding out the taste of local food, we also realized that going to bed early in the morning is the stupidest thing that a convention participant can do.
— “Are you ready for Group Bible Speaking?”
— “No, you? Everyone who was asked shook their heads»
The second day of the convention aka the first day of the competitions is always the scariest. Just starting to get used to the taste of performances, everyone gets worried, and sometimes forgets the words. On this day, we just started to explore the place where convention was held, found out that when it’s boring you can play pool, and we also got the first medals (everyone was upset at that moment, because we wanted even more sparkling pendants on our necks).
— “I can’t speak,” I panic, “And tomorrow I won’t be able to get on my feet at all.”
The third day of the convention was marked for me by the loss of voice, and One Act Play. It was funny how I regained my voice for ten minutes, having played the role, and then couldn’t speak the whole next day. On the same day, all sporting events ended, so that the last day of the competition was given completely to the struggle of minds. It was also that evening that the grand finale of a beautiful story staged by our teachers was shown.
“Pssst,” someone scratched at our door at about two in the morning. On the threshold was Mrs. Helen, “How much do you love me? Can you show One Act Play again tomorrow?
A voice asked in the silence, “Do we even have a choice?”
On Thursday, everyone watched with interest as the smartest people in our schools tried to get places for the PACE Bowl and the Russian Brain Ring (the questions on the latter are really difficult, the second and third places we got are quite justified). And on the same day, for the first time in the history of the convention, a theater was shown, where we, equipped with microphones and well-placed lights, showed our acting skills. In the evening, everyone present could watch how the senior 1 students frantically tried to earn merits to buy snacks. Also, we all watched the epic show put on for us.
— “Yes it’s you, 100%.”
—»I won’t be sure until my name is called.»
And here is the day X. The very day that everyone was waiting for, feared, and hoped to get something on it. The Award Ceremony was held this time on the last day of the convention, right after breakfast, and we literally sat on packed suitcases listening to the names of those who were lucky enough to win. By the end, many of my friends got medals of different places, and I even took some of mine off, because of an impressive 11 medals around my neck.
And here is the moment for which some go to the convention, the announcement of those who received the highest score. I did not fully believe that it was I who would get this place, and only when I went on stage I believed that all my efforts were worth it (I even got my voice back when I gave the speech).


26th regional student convention based on the school of tomorrow program was organised by international school of tomorrow.
It was held from march 27 until march 31 in resort place krasnaya pakhra (moscow region).
Four schools have participated in rsc this year. These schools are: international school of tomorrow (moscow, russia), gymnasium #94 (ekaterinburg, russia), school #145 (ekaterinburg, russia) and lyceum #17(vladimir, russia).
Total number of participants, teachers, parents, guests and judges was 202 people.
Most of the kids received their deserved awards in different events, and some of them were chosen to be the best in all of the categories.

They are:





Olympic Stream. February 9, 2023

Power Point Presentation Linear (English language) and Power Point Presentation Nonlinear (English language). We discussed these events during our Olympic Stream.

How I became a Girl of Convention
I had known about Regional Student Convention when I was small. But I did not understand what it meant. Last year our school had a mini-convention and our class was invited to watch some performances. I liked some performances and I decided to go to convention. I wanted to take part in some events.

I met a graduate who became a Girl of Convention in Senior Category, Le Cam Tu. Thanks to her I have known about such award. My mom said that it would be hard to do because it was my first year. But I decided to try to be a Girl of Convention. I knew that a participant needed to have 12 events so I had to choose 6 performance and 6 non-performance events.

I started to work with preparation at home and at school. It was a little bit hard. At school we danced, sang, and learnt the scripts for One act play, Puppets, and Group Bible speaking. At home I worked with my scrapbook, beadwork, and Social Studies Collection. I was looking forward for Convention.

I was very happy to be at the Convention. At some events I was nervous that I would forget words. I felt joy when I got my first medal. And when I received a gold medal I felt dizzy that I could fall from stairs.

I didn’t expect that I would become a Girl of the Convention. I couldn’t believe that I heard my name and mom had to push me to go to the stage. I was very happy. I will never forget my feelings on the stage.

I want to thank my mom, Mrs. Natalie for her creative ideas and belief in me, my teachers, especially Miss Carol and Miss Arsine, and my classmates. Without them I would not have such chance to be a GIRL of CONVENTION!

Sophia Nepomnyashchaya (International School of Tomorrow),

The Girl of RSC — 2022 Junior category

Changes in the event list

Dear participants of the Regional Student Convention.

Please, pay attention to the changes in the event list:

Go (Р)

Wood Construction (NP)
Wood Turning (NP)
Woodcarving (NP)
Wood Burning (NP)

Our Accelerator

Please, Enjoy The December Issue Of International School Of Tomorrow Accelerator.

Olympic Stream December 6, 2022

Distant bilingual convention is over! And now we are mostly ready to announce its results, as well as we are preparing awards ceremonies.
And, of course, our Regional Student Convention in Moscow region and the Ural Student Convention in the Sverdlovsk region are coming.
We talked about all these events during our Olympic stream.

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