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RSC Results
For the 25th time International School of Tomorrow conducted Regional Student Convention, based on the School of Tomorrow program.

It was held from March 28 until April 1 in Voronovo (Moscow region).

Only three schools have participated in RSC this year. These schools are: International School of Tomorrow (Moscow, Russia), Gymnasium №94 (Ekaterinburg, Russia) and Lyceum № 17(Vladimir, Russia).

Total number of participants, teachers, parents, guests and judges was 172 people.

Most of the kids received their deserved awards in different events, and some of them were chosen to be the best in all of the categories.

They are:
The Girl of RSC Junior category:
Sophia Nepomnyashchaya (International School of Tomorrow)

The Boy of RSC Junior category:
Jadon Balanon (International School of Tomorrow)

The girl of RSC Senior category
Evangelina Belova (International School of Tomorrow)

The boy of RSC Senior category
Platon Belov (Lyceum 17)

New RSC location

International School of Tomorrow changed the location of the 25-th regional student convention.
It will take place at Voronovo (Moscow region) from March 28 till April 1, 2022.

Regional Student Convention fees

Regional Conventions are a challenging, inspirational, and fun-filled destination where students develop God-given gifts and talents in preparation for a dynamic ministry. Select from over 100 events in five exciting categories including Music, Speech/Drama, Athletics, Arts, and Academics. These conventions are for youth 9 years of age and older.

Student Convention includes events in Academics, Athletics, Exhibits, Music, and Platform. Choose events that will best develop your gifts and talents. Your parents and supervisors may also suggest new areas where they see potential in your life.

Convention is run for students who have attained their 9th birthday by December 31, 2021, and have not attained their 18th birthday by the same date. Students compete in two age groups: juniors — 9-12 years old, seniors — 13-17 years old. Students are accompanied by group supervisors — 1 supervisor per each 8 students. Adults are also invited to serve as judges or visit as guests.

Regional Student Convention fees:

— registration fee for schools: 10 and less students — 5000 rubles; 11 and more students — 20000 rubles;
— individual participation — 20000 rubles;
— sponsor for the first 8 students from your school FREE
— sponsor for the rest of the students from your school is 15000 rubles
— guest — 20000 rubles;
— judge — free.

The dates of RSC- 2022: March 28 — April 01.

25-th regional student convention will take place at GTK Suzdal (Vladimir region) from March 28 till April 1, 2022.

Located in the scenic Kamenka River Valley and 200 km from Moscow. Each morning at the Suzdal guests enjoy a tasty buffet breakfast. Decorated in both modern and Russian styles, several restaurants, cafés and bars serve a selection of traditional Russian cuisine.

All soundproofed rooms are comfortably furnished with a cable TV and refrigerator. Some feature a relaxing seating area.

Guests can enjoy a free one-hour daily access to the pool. Other facilities include bowling and billiards.

The surrounding countryside is ideal for walking and mountain biking. The ancient Monastery of Saint Euthymius and the M7 motorway are within a few minutes’ drive.

Welcome to Souzdal!

25-th regional student convention will take place in Souzdal.
The dates are March 28 — April 1, 2022.
Souzdal is an ancient city of Russia. It forms part of the Golden Ring. It is located 200 kilometers from Moscow. It is possible to reach this town from Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow, visiting Vladimir. Souzdal is a World Heritage Site.

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In Souzdal there are no tall buildings to preserve the architecture of the old Russian town. They are prohibited. The air is very clean in Souzdal as there are no factories there.
Perhaps, this town is a perfect place to understand and get to know Russia better. It can seem to you that it is possible to meet the real epic heroes from Russian folk tales in Souzdal.
Souzdal is “an open air museum”. Many of the monasteries of Souzdal are located on the banks of the Kamenka river, that is why these places are very perfect.
In the XII century during the reign of Yuri Dolgoruky Souzdal was the capital of the Rostov-Souzdal Principality, but then the capital was moved to Vladimir. The name of the Principality was substituted for the Vladimir-Souzdal Principality.
Since XIII century Souzdal was the capital of an independent Principality. At the beginning of XIV century the city became the capital of the Souzdal-Nizhny Novgorod Principality. In 1392 it formed part of the Grand Duchy of Moscow and gradually lost its former importance.

Sights of Souzdal
The Souzdal Kremlin is the oldest part of the town. It dates back to the 10th century. But the wooden walls and towers of the Kremlin – built in XI-XII centuries – have not been survived. You can only see the earthworks of an ancient fortress. The Kremlin and the buildings surrounding it, were constantly being rebuilt many times. Now on the territory of the Souzdal Kremlin you can see the Monastery of Our Saviour & St. Euthymius and the Cathedral of the Nativity (XIII century) the Convent of the Intercession.
In Souzdal not far from the Kremlin there is the Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery, it was founded in the middle of the XIV century. The monastery is surrounded by walls with twelve towers.
The complex was planned to be a fortress, that is why there are lots of domestic buildings there. All these buildings give an idea of the past.
In the monastery there are frescoes by Gury Nikitin and Sila Savin. In XVII century the artists painted these beautiful frescoes.
The Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery was one of the most famous men’s monasteries in Russia. Now the Monastery is a Museum.

The youngest pupils joined distant convention

This year the students of 6 and 7 years old joined our Regional Distant Student Convention. Today they have fun with Math Quiz! You can see a small photo report in our gallery:

Convention started

Today we started Regional Distant Student Convention. The first event was Spelling.

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